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Latent Print Examiner

Georgia · Atlanta, Georgia
Department Georgia
Employment Type Contractor
Minimum Experience Experienced

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What level Clearance do I need? You do not need to have a security clearance to apply. However, you MUST be eligible to receive a Secret clearance.

Who will I be working with? In support of Inflow's contract with the Department of Defense (DoD), you will be working directly along side military service members, government civilian scientists and with our team of other awesome Latent Print Examiners to help protect service members at home and abroad. The DoD mission that you will be supporting is under the US Army who acts as the Executive Agent for Forensics within the DoD.

What will I be doing? The LPE performs comparisons of friction ridge detail of latent prints, perform administrative and technical reviews, and report results in official and unofficial capacities. 

  • Maintain control over and document chain of custody for evidence while processing and examining.
  • Perform analysis techniques to determine the existence of latent prints.
  • Identify, mark, photograph, determine suitability, submit, and perform comparisons.
  • Process evidence to determine the presence of latent fingerprints using any documented wet and dry laboratory process. Processing methods include but are not limited to: Cyanoacrylate fuming, stickyside paste, and dyes.
  • Examine evidence for latent prints using all means available, including, specialized lighting sources, conditions, and magnification.
  • Photograph each latent print using photographic equipment capable of producing an image of 1000 dpi or greater.
  • Examine the photographic image and determine whether the print has sufficient quality to make a comparison, and/or to submit to the Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS). This determination shall be in accordance with documented criteria.
  • Examine and compare latent prints to known prints. Determining a match shall be based on best professional judgment of the examiner. Another examiner shall verify matches independently.
  • Document all examination results/findings in a database. A secondary examiner shall co-sign in the database tool if verification is agreed, or deliver a separate signed report stating his/her conclusions.
  • Annotate the case file documentation, detailing the processing techniques and the examination results.
  • Perform administrative and/or technical reviews of reports and worksheets.
  • Ensure, after processing, that all items are returned to the Evidence Custodian for proper storage and any subsequent documentation.
  • Maintain a clean laboratory and personal workspace environment, in accordance with local laboratory procedures.

What experience, training, and education do I need?

You must meet the following requirements:

  • Four (4) years of experience in the processing of material for latent prints, recovery of latents, examination, visualizing/recording latents, and evaluating latent prints in a forensics laboratory.
  • Professional Certification is required by the International Association of Identification (IAI).
  • Proficiency utilizing AFIS, ABIS, and/or other National databases.

Where is the client site that I would be working for? You will be working Forest Park, GA which is located the Atlanta Metro area.

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